Product Information Management is for companies with many products


With a PIM solution it is possible to optimize all the processes related to produts. This ensure an efficient and structured way of working - from beginning to the end.



What is a PIM solution?






Centralize all product data with a PIM-solution


Product Information Management ensures the centralization of all product data in one system. Examples of product data that can easily be centralized with a PIM solution are:


  • Pictures, videos and drawings
  • manuals and instructions
  • Technical specifications
  • Marketingtexts
  • Productreferences
  • Channel hierarchies (e.g..: e-com, catalogues, apps, etc.)
  • SEO data
  • ... in short "all".

With a PIM-solition, you benefit from a solid platform giving you more available ressources to focus on more value creating activities such as:


  • Effecient maintenance of product data
  • Control over product processes
  • Auto conversion of image data
  • Auto generation of SEO data
  • Auto generation of product sheets, catalogues and price lists
  • Campaign management
  • Dynamic import and export of product data
  • Auto generation of product texts


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A PIM-solution makes lightens the work with product data


PIM-systems can be integrated to all other systems

PicoPublish are specialists in integrating PIM. This means that we are the leading consultancy house when it comes to onbarding data to PIM, wherever the source is originating from (ERP, Data sources, supplier data, PLM systems etc.). Also, this means that we have the required tools and solution swhen data needs to be exported from Product Information Management. Regardless of the channel you wish to feed with data, PicoPublish can ensure the delivery of targed data for that specific channel. We have specialists within PIM systems, ERP, SQL and .NET, which ensures that we are always capable of delivering a professional solution to our customers.


The result? You are left with a single system for managing your productdata, the PIM system, from where you onboard, store, maintaing and distribute your data.








PIM reduces your time-to-market


Often the need for Product Information Managent is founded in a company's data not being centralized. Missing centralization is also a common course for slow workprocesses.


PicoPublish are experts in solving problems related to slow internal processes. We have through more than 60 PIM-installations acquired a great amount of experience across many industries and companies.


The result a large tool box, which we can use, when consulting our customers in the use of PIM. And through our extensive experience, we have discovered a need for a wide range of modules, which can help you overcome immense internal process issues. The applications have been developed by us, and they bring a long some unique features, all of which has the purpose of squeezing out maximum efficiency from your PIM-system. 






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