Dynamicweb: PIM as a part of a complete web package

What is Dynamicweb PIM?

Dynamicweb PIM is a PIM solution that is integrated into Dynamicweb all-in-one. The system is quick and efficient to get started with. Should you, for example want a new websitewebshop and at the same time start using PIM, you can use both PIM and E-com in Dynamicweb. Thus, achieving synergy by having both part integrated in the same solution. 

With Dynamicweb PIM you can: 

  • Achieve a centralized data structure of product information. 
  • Integrate data from other systems (ERP, data sources, vendors, etc.). 
  • Effectively maintain your data through inheritance. 
  • Effectively publish data to various channels (E-com, Amazon, web, apps, etc.). 

Dynamicweb PIM is an integrated PIM system, which means that the PIM system is located in the CMS system itself. It is a great advantage that you only have to deal with one system. 

What are the benefits of Dynamicweb PIM?

Dynamicweb PIM offers the following benefits: 

  • Employees can easily enrich products, most often sales and marketing. 
  • Easy supplementation with product data from ERP, external data sources and third-party systems 
  • Microsoft technology ensures easy integration 
  • Ensuring one source for all product information 
  • Achieve a solid structure as well as the management of languages and currencies across channels. 
  • Easy export of language and product fields to Excel 
  • Effective text sharing with translation agencies
  • Easy delivery of data feeds to partners, marketplaces, and catalogues

These companies often benefit greatly from Dynamicweb PIM

PicoPublish recommends DW PIM to companies when: 

  • The company wants Dynamicweb as a CMS / Web platform.
  • The company has a small number of products with a relatively light complexity (complexity being the amount of product information; images, texts, specifications, etc.). 
  • The company has a small number of different product groups. 
  • The company's primary sales channel is the webshop. 
  • The company wants to sell products in several markets and to stand strong on the digital channels. 

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