A good website can boost your business and support both your data, processes, and brand

A website is an obligation to your customers

If there is something that a potential or returning customer cannot find, then it does not exist. This is a good rule of thumb both when it comes to decorating a store or designing a website. 

Whether you arrange physical spaces or virtual real estate, you have an obligation to your visitors, which among other things counts to… 

  • You are findable 
  • Your layout has a logic that is understandable 
  • Your product (s) or services are presented in the best possible way 
  • Help can be found quickly if questions arise 
  • All information is up to date 
  • You inform the visitors if something does not work as expected 
  • All users get a similar experience 

A web project is scaled according to your needs

Different companies have different priorities and diverse channels and therefore the need is unique. The budget as well. At PicoPublish, we help both create specially designed websites that prioritize identity and specialized needs, but we are also experienced in building on existing solutions or adapting and adding to templates. 

In addition, we can advise you on SEO optimizations and conversion strategies so that your website performs in a changing online environment. 

The challenge

Their current setup with an old CMS and no PIM resulted in long time-to-market, clutter in data and poor design on devices other than PC. 

Furnipart wanted to build a digital universe that matched their products. The focus being quality and design. 

It was especially important that Furnipart had ease in creating content and communicating across languages 

The solution: Perfion, PIMcommerce and PIMedia

Furnipart went with Perfion to handle product data to ensure centralization, reduce time-to-market for new products and efficient workflows for translations. 

Their CMS was replaced with PIMcommerce to ensure optimal interaction between Perfion and the web shop. Here, there was a strong focus on making campaigns, web structures and hierarchy data easy to maintain. 

As an additional service layer for their customers, Furnipart chose to connect PIMedia to showcase their product data. 

The result

A new brand site backed by Perfion can easily handle images, descriptions and translations. The language version testifies to an efficient setup, as Furnipart after the launch of their Danish site could quickly follow suit with EN, DE, FR, ES, and IT. All in just 3 months. 

6 languages

Being able to distinguish langeuages - their site has helped Furnipart strengthen their communication in their main markets

B2B - shop

The establishment of a website with product display has created a strong foundation on which Furnipart can establish a B2B shop

Free hands

With Perfion and PIMcommerce, Furnipart now has extra time to cater to th details and their customers.

Let's talk about you

You are the experts in your business. We are specialists in digital transformation and business optimization. 

Together we can figure out what can create the greatest value for you. 

Every day, we help a large number of companies to create engaging web solutions, structure complex data and optimize workflows. 

Maybe we can help you as well!