Sell your products online on your own web shop or marketplace

With your own web shop, you are in control

An online sales channel is for many new companies the pivotal piece in the strategy, but we also experience mature companies that see the light in online sales on their own e-com solution. 

At PicoPublish, we are experienced in building webs hops, as we have a tangible understanding of the product data behind the store front. We have gained that understanding through our connection to Product Information Management (PIM), in which we have over 10 years of experience as advisors. 

We have extensive experience in building web shops in both Magento and DynamicWeb - technologies that leave you with control in relation to how you want the channel to work. 

Gain a greater reach through marketplaces

What you surrender in autonomy at a marketplace you gain in exposure, as marketplaces attract more traders. Being present in a marketplace such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Alibaba or similar does not require a separate web shop, but many choose to combine the two to stand strongest both in terms of competition, but also to reach as many potential customers as possible. 

Whatever your incentive, we help you get your products out on the marketplace that you prefer. 

The challenge

Schou needed to optimize their processes through digitization, but also to reach more potential customers. They would like to meet their customers' needs: being able to shop anytime and anywhere through online shopping. 

Schou Company had realised that not just any web shop could not meet their requirements. The consequence being a few failed web shops in their wake. Partly because these solutions were not geared to their volume, but also the integration to their two ERP systems (AX and NAV). Customer-specific prices and product range management became too big a hassle. 

The solution: PIMcommerce

Schou chose to go with a PIMcommerce - an e-commerce solution with seamless integration to their PIM system. 

Customers' individual prices and shipping agreements are taken into account when they log in and shop at 

All of Schous products on their new online store are maintained and managed by Perfion. This has significantly simplified their internal processes. After only six weeks, Schou was able to launch their Danish web shop and with additional languages shortly afterwards. 

n the first 6 months with our new web shop, we have more than doubled our turnover! We are able to launch our range, faster, better and with more time to focus on marketing instead of basic tasks”
Sara Kjær-Lauridsen,Showroom & Marketing Manager at Schou Company

Let's talk about you

You are the experts in your business. We are specialists in digital transformation and business optimization. 

Together we can figure out what can create the greatest value for you. 

Every day, we help a large number of companies to create engaging web solutions, structure complex data and optimize workflows. 

Maybe we can help you as well!