inriver: Swedish PIM provider with a focus on user interfaces

What is inriver PIM?

inriver is a cloud-based PIM solution built on Microsoft technology. All solution data is automatically stored in the cloud (Microsoft Azure), ensuring minimal administration while maintaining high scalability. inriver is made up of a number of applications (APPs) that support different PIM areas. 

The default setup usually consists of the following 4 applications: 

  • The SUPPLY application connects inriver with other systems such as: ERP, DAM, PLM, supplier databases, etc.
  • ENRICH supports all the functions and roles that are needed for international companies to support their products
  • I PLAN & RELEASE defines the company's channels (B2B Commerce, B2C Commerce, Amazon, Facebook, Product Catalogues, etc.)
  • PUBLISH handles the data that must be sent / published in the company's channels.

What are the benefits of inriver PIM?

inriver PIM offers the following benefits: 

  • inriver collects and centralizes all product and channel data, so that these can be easily maintained both centrally but also decentrally 
  • inriver provides an overview of products, processes, task / "to do's" so fast TTM (Time To Market) can be supported 
  • inriver effectively supports your omnichannel strategy, which means you are never in doubt about which products / data are in which channels 
  • inriver requires no internal IT support as both solution and data are in the cloud 
  • inriver dynamically supports companies' growth strategy in relation to several: Products, Languages, Markets, users, etc. 

These companies often benefit greatly from inriver PIM

PicoPublish recommends inriver for companies when:

  • Go To Cloud "is an important part of the company's IT strategy 
  • Marketing has a great stake in Product Information Management 
  • "PIM" employees use different platforms (such as Apple, Microsoft, etc.) 
  • Many different profiles are part of the PIM process 
  • Design and "Look" are an important part of the company's products 
  • The company has many: products, languages, data, or channels 

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