As the Nordic region's leading PIM house, our veins flow with data and we utilize this foundation in our work with websites, web shops and product configurators.

Access razor-sharp experts on an hourly basis

Making use of consultants is often associated with fears of big invoices and hot air. This is a way of thinking that we want to do away with - because, admittedly, the hourly rates seem to be high, but with the right basis of comparison, they are quite cheap. You must compare the hourly rates with a permanent employee in your own organization. At PicoPublish, you are free to choose competences from hour to hour or project to project - an ability that very few employees can live up to. In addition, you do not have to think about health insurance, canteen costs, pension contributions, illness, training etc. You save all this by choosing PicoPublish. 

The biggest advantage is probably that when the project is finished and we have celebrated the milestone together, your expenses will stop - with a permanent employee you will have to find new work assignments or terminate the contract. Both have both business and human costs. 

We are experts in

Product Information Management

We have helped over 60 major companies getting started and finished with PIM projects. With a very analytical approach to the projects, making sure that you get the right system, with the right functions and with trained super users afterwards. 

We help you with everything from a full-blown PIM project to advice regarding your current product data and database structure. 

We are experts in

Websites and Webshops

You can structure data from now and to the end of time, but without a place to exhibit your products, sales will be absent. We therefore have great experience in devising, developing, and publishing sales websites and e-commerce solutions for our customers. 

Whether you need a b2c shop, b2b shop, an admin portal, a web app or something completely different is not a barrier to us. We advise and carry out your visions of online presence. 

Your needs are our starting point

Regardless of which of the above areas are of interest, we take your desires as our starting point. 

We would of course like to be involved from the very beginning - as our experience tells us that we can thus avoid too many misunderstandings and corrections, but we are of course ready to help if you are stuck in a project on your own or with one of our competitors. 

We can both be involved as consultants and work for you to carry out the work that you need, but we can also take on the role of coach to get your own employees to take on the tasks themselves. 

Let's talk about you

You are the experts in your business. We are specialists in digital transformation and business optimization. 

Together we can figure out what can create the greatest value for you. 

Every day, we help a large number of companies to create engaging web solutions, structure complex data and optimize workflows. 

Maybe we can help you as well! 

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