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A website is your online business card

The modern consumer has become incredibly good at online information searching and often evaluates alternatives based on a holistic experience. In concrete terms, this means that you can have the nicest buildings, the most welcoming employees and the best products, but if your website does not live up to the high standard, a competing company will often stand stronger with a potential customer. 

At PicoPublish, we have a competent team that counts both design, front-end, back-end and marketing competencies and we are therefore your strong partner when it comes to the design and development of your website. 

Get a webshop with all your products

There is no denying that we are strong in Product Information Management systems when we talk web shops and e-commerce. We make sure that all your products, regardless of complexity, can be sold on either your own hosted web shop or through various marketplaces. 

With a PIM system behind your online store facade, language management and translation of your products also becomes an easy process - you thus have a simple shortcut to selling your products in several different national markets. 

Headless CMS - can be your golden mean

The classic CMS system is a proven concept that an incredible number of providers have developed to perfection over the past decades. Common to them all is the interconnection between frontend and backend - which locks certain companies in their unfolding opportunities. 

That is why the concept of headless CMS has arisen where you, so to speak, disconnect the head from the body - no matter how morbid it sounds, it is far from a headless act to do. This is because it makes replacing, scaling and customizing easier for those companies that feel fixed in a classic CMS. 

It is not a solution for everyone, but we think that those who see the idea in headless will be really enthusiastic about the concept.