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The challenge

Every year ILVA, a danish interior retailer, sells more than 2 million products through their +40 resellers and web shop. With an advanced product range, that constantly needs to be advertised, ILVA continually needed to create marketing assets in the form of catalogues, SO-ME campaigns, banners, and videos. 


With marketing divisions across the country and sizable imagery and 3D drawings, the dated cloud based Digital Asset Management system was producing more processing and loading times than actual digital assets. Leading to scarce resources in the marketing department. 

The solution: PIMedia

The solution ended up being a PIMedia setup where ILVA names their images with a unique barcode which is automatically inserted in to PIMedia. 

The images are coupled with master data from Dynamics AX (ERP). In this process the assets/images are enriched with naming, colour, product type, measurements, season etc. as well as being connected to the given product. All of this happens automatically in PIMedia. 

Following this merger of images and masterdata, the web export of all the new images to a FTP server commences. From here they are loaded in to ILVA’s CMS. 

The solution is super user-friendly and with PIMedia's efficient structuring, we have in no time made our users of the image bank self-sufficient”
Kim Nisted,IT-Manager ved ILVA

The challenge

Schou needed to optimize their processes through digitization, but also to reach more potential customers. They would like to meet their customers' needs: being able to shop anytime and anywhere through online shopping. 

Schou Company had realised that not just any web shop could not meet their requirements. The consequence being a few failed web shops in their wake. Partly because these solutions were not geared to their volume, but also the integration to their two ERP systems (AX and NAV). Customer-specific prices and product range management became too big a hassle. 

The solution: PIMcommerce

Schou chose to go with a PIMcommerce - an e-commerce solution with seamless integration to their PIM system. 

Customers' individual prices and shipping agreements are taken into account when they log in and shop at schou.com. 

All of Schous products on their new online store are maintained and managed by Perfion. This has significantly simplified their internal processes. After only six weeks, Schou was able to launch their Danish web shop and with additional languages shortly afterwards. 

n the first 6 months with our new web shop, we have more than doubled our turnover! We are able to launch our range, faster, better and with more time to focus on marketing instead of basic tasks”
Sara Kjær-Lauridsen,Showroom & Marketing Manager at Schou Company

The challenge

Their current setup with an old CMS and no PIM resulted in long time-to-market, clutter in data and poor design on devices other than PC. 

Furnipart wanted to build a digital universe that matched their products. The focus being quality and design. 


It was especially important that Furnipart had ease in creating content and communicating across languages 

The solution: Perfion, PIMcommerce and PIMedia

Furnipart went with Perfion to handle product data to ensure centralization, reduce time-to-market for new products and efficient workflows for translations. 

Their CMS was replaced with PIMcommerce to ensure optimal interaction between Perfion and the web shop. Here, there was a strong focus on making campaigns, web structures and hierarchy data easy to maintain. 

As an additional service layer for their customers, Furnipart chose to connect PIMedia to showcase their product data. 

The result

A new brand site backed by Perfion can easily handle images, descriptions and translations. The language version testifies to an efficient setup, as Furnipart after the launch of their Danish site could quickly follow suit with EN, DE, FR, ES, and IT. All in just 3 months. 

6 languages

Being able to distinguish langeuages - their site has helped Furnipart strengthen their communication in their main markets

B2B - shop

The establishment of a website with product display has created a strong foundation on which Furnipart can establish a B2B shop

Free hands

With Perfion and PIMcommerce, Furnipart now has extra time to cater to th details and their customers.

The challenge

Complex and wide product range with a sea of variants was starting point for inefficient workflows, lack of structure and overview. 

Who had the latest data? When are they done creating the products? 

Damstahl lacked a webshop that could relieve the sellers granting more time to focus on key accounts, but the requirement also included a shop abled to show live prices. 

In doing so, Damstahl ensured that they always sell at market price. 

The solution: Perfion, Dataconnector, print publishing

Damstahl chose to implement Perfion to handle product data to ensure centralization of product data, reduce time-to-market, streamline their workflows and catalogue production. 

At present day, Perfion feeds their CMS with all product-related data. The web structure is handled in Perfion and sent to CMS via our DataConnector. 

This allows Damstahl to manage category structure and quickly distribute products in the correct ´boxes´ on the web. From Damstahl’s ERP comes stock status and live-generated prices. These will be ´pinged´ at check-out to ensure the latest prices. 

In Perfion, Damstahl also make their catalogues. With print publishing combined with the table designer, Damstahl can quickly service sales personel, internal employees and not least customers with up-to-date product data sheets. 

In addition, Damstahl was able to use Perfion for ´data washing´ during the latest ERP upgrade, which resulted in them halving the budget connected to data washing. 

The result

With PIM as the driving force and a modern web site, they have succeeded in exhibiting their wide range of products, which is consistent with what they communicate to the market. For customers (buyers), it is easy and convenient to find exactly what they need.If they need a special order, help is just a phone call away. All of this has helped to ensure that Damstahl today has a profitable shop, which not only generates sales, but also frees up time. 

75% faster catalogues

By making use of Print Publishing and the table designer in Perfion, Damstahl has achieved a rationale of 75% in the production of catalogues and price lists

B2B - shop

The establishment of the b2b shop has given Damstahl sales personel time to focus on key accounts, additional sales and new customers

Free hands

With centralized product data, Damstahl is no longer searching for data and with clearly defined product creation processes, they have reduced their time-to-market

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