PIM Integration: Integration to data sources with API

Get suppliers' product data into PIM

Do you also spend too many resources on obtaining, structuring, and redistributing product information?

More and more companies are struggling to make product information available to their customers in the quantity and quality required. You can significantly streamline your product enrichment by using your suppliers' product information and in this way meet customer requirements.

We can import directly into your PIM system from i.a. Etilize, ByggeBasen and eSeller. We have complete control over which product information to retrieve and where to placed in PIM. When your supplier changes the product information in their database, these changes will also take effect in your PIM system. This means that you always have the latest version of the product available.

Distribution of product information to resellers and online marketplaces

If you send product information by e.g. e-mail or via a network folder, you know what heavy manual processes it entails. As an alternative, you can from the PIM system control what product information the recipient should have.

You will save a great amount of time and experience fewer mistakes. Your retailers will find it easier to sell your products if you provide them with the necessary product information that the end customers need to make a purchasing decision.

If you sell your products on Amazon or eBay, you can send product information from the PIM system directly to these marketplaces. In PIM, you specify the price and price code from ERP, as well as the currency and language in which the item should appear on Amazon and Ebay.

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