A headless CMS grants flexibility

What is headless CMS?

A traditional CMS (Content Management System) consists of two layers. Backend (body) and frontend (head). Backend stores content and frontend is responsible for the presentation of this. A normal CMS system handles both layers while a headless CMS, on the other hand, consists exclusively of the administration layer (body). It permits you to select or build a frontend according to your needs instead of being barred by the templates that the traditional CMS offers. 

This is especially an advantage when data needs to be presented on different devices with different frontend restrictions. 

We find that companies that want easy access to add and edit content, without compromising on creative freedom in their publishing channels, choose headless. 

Headless CMS is not a headless investment

In fact, a Headless CMS allows for many different "heads". All can be dynamically selected and deselected. This makes replacement quick and efficient. 

With headless you will experience the following benefits: 


Easier move to newer technology

With a decoupled back- and frontend, you can change or add new presentation layers faster if you wish.


Large solutions experience better performance with the loosely coupled headless technology than large monolith solutions.

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