PIM integration: To and from ERP

Consider PIM when ERP needs to be upgraded

When an ERP system needs to be migrated or upgraded, the process starts with a big cleansing. Everything that can be moved to a PIM system must be moved. 


  • To ensure that the new ERP system is not "contaminated" with unnecessary tweaks and hacks 
  • To remove complexity from the upgrade process 
  • To minimize the cost of future upgrades 
  • To ensure the data quality of the new systems 
  • To ensure standard and not least best practice 

The reason why PIM should be integrated in parallel with ERP

No matter how skilled a customer and supplier are in their analysis process, they rarely managed to uncover more than a maximum of 80% of the company's issues in relation to “Need to have” functionality in their ERP implementation. 

The reason for this is that: 

  • We often forget all the small adjustments that the company has made over a number of years and iterations. 
  • The ERP provider does not go deep enough in the analysis to uncover all special processes, as time spending / finances in the analysis phase are often agreed / locked 
  • Forgotten data processes only come to light the day you are lacking them. 

Can you recognize the above mentioned?

Then PIM makes good sense: 

  • PIM ensures that ALL data including files (pictures, drawings, manuals, videos, etc.) can be organized centrally and subsequently linked to the company's products 
  • PIM provides an overview of both data and processes (regardless of where this data comes from) 
  • PIM can be used to ensure data quality, so that “dirty data” is not loaded 
  • PIM is a great conversion tool 
  • PIM can display live data from other systems 
  • PIM ensures that there is ALWAYS a system for the data that does not have a natural affiliation (Environmental images, material definitions, approvals, the many different product-relationship definitions, etc., etc., etc) 
  • PIM ensures that ALL data can be language differentiated 
  • PIM is a great tool for exporting structured data 

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We have integrated PIM with many ERP systems

We have integrated PIM with many ERP systems Below you can see which ERP systems we already have under our belt. Do not despair if yours is not on the list, as we are experts in integrations.