PIM integrated for: Aspect4

Power-up your product data with an integration between Aspect4 and PIM

Aspect4 prides itself on being a leader in several industries, with a wide range of features. But handling product data (images, videos, long texts, certifications, etc.) is NOT one of them. This is also why it is important to make an integration between Aspect4 ERP with PIM. The integration will bring a wide range of benefits, below you can see some of the most value-creating: 

  • A PIM Aspect4 integration makes it possible to handle all product information in a single place, i.e., descriptions, images, video material, technical specifications, etc. from any PIM System. And the transactional data in Aspect4. 
  • A PIM Aspect4 integration makes it possible to quickly and dynamically create brochures, data sheets and various marketing materials. And of course, it is always with the up-to-date data. 
  • A PIM Aspect4 integration makes it possible to easily support web shops, websites, marketplaces, and other sales channels with product information directly from PIM. 

Aspect4 integrated for PIM = Unique benefits

An integration between the ERP system Aspect4 and PIM provides value both ways. Best practice is to keep the two systems as close to standard as possible. That is, PIM takes care of channel data while SAP handles transactional data. If implemented correctly, we will always guarantee that the following statements are true: 

  • An integration between PIM and Aspect4 means that you can keep Aspect4 simple and streamlined. Only transactional data should be stored here. All other data must be placed in the PIM system. Thereby a greater standardization is achieved, 
  • With the least possible configuration of Aspect4, costs for operating ERP will be reduced. And with nothing but transactional data in ERP, performance and stability will improve. 
  • Of course, it is also possible to upgrade Aspect4 faster and more securely than before. This is a consequence of the minimal number of adjustments. 
  • By making publications directly in the PIM system, you will benefit from the PIM system retrieving data (prices, stock status, item numbers, etc.) directly from Aspect4 at the exact moment they are to be used. 
  • Catalogues, price lists, brochures, etc. can be prepared in a snap - even with the certainty that you have the latest prices, designations, etc. 

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