PiMedia: Bringing DAM and PIM together for the ultimate image bank

An image bank with 100% control over data

Do you spend a lot of resources on packaging and distributing product information to your reseller network? Imagine that your reseller network can create a cart with the media files they want. It can be done 24/7 without involving your business. 

With PIMedia, your media material (images, videos, texts, etc.) is always easily accessible to customers, resellers, the press and not least your own employees. 

PIMedia is a full DAM solution that can be integrated with the company's PIM. PIMedia´'s strength lies in updating all Asset / image data, which can be set up to run 100% automatically, by connecting PIMedia to the company's ERP.

What makes PIMedia the ultimate image database & DAM solution?

A traditional image bank is often developed as an independent system. PIMedia has been developed with integration and optimization as primary features. Most traditional image databases / DAM solutions often fall short when you want to integrate into ERP and PIM and automatically reuse data from these systems. With PIMedia you get an image bank / DAM solution that can: 

  • Integrate with ERP, PIM, InDesign and other systems. 
  • Import and not least place pictures / assets automatically in DAM. 
  • Autogenerate DAM hierarchies in multiple languages. 
  • Automatically link assets / images with master data. 
  • Convert images to different sizes, DPI, and file types. 
  • Provide data feeds for images / assets in connection with download. 
  • Connect with the Image Validator image validation system 
  • Support advanced user and rights management. 
  • Support “Dynamic Search.” Users can expand and define which search filters should be in the solution. 
PIMedia supports and operates ILVA´'s digital growth strategy

With PIMedia, ILVA has gained a overview of their product images, which are used across the entire organization. Click and read more. 

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