Import and export: Automatic file exchange

What does import involve?

Automatically import files and images to PIM. Import Multimedia can be set up to run automatically at the time of day that suits you best. The application ensures that files are imported correctly into your PIM. 

With Import Multimedia you can set up rules so that imported files are placed correctly in PIM's database. Organize the files according to their file type, file name or time of creation or last edited. The import can be set up to be run at a specific time of the day. 

To make the import run faster, you can configure to only bring new or changed files. Import Multimedia relies on DAM systems, but can also be integrated with most file systems and file libraries. 

What is Export Multimedia?

With the application you can export multimedia files from PIM and to a folder in a file structure. From there, you can use your media files in your channels. 

The application is equipped with a console from which you handle the export: 

  • Schedule when and what you want to export with the Windows scheduling tool. You can also run the export manually whenever you need it. 
  • You have a complete overview of all the files that have recently been exported and updated in PIM. 
  • You are in complete control of where the files are located on the external file drive. 
  • Since the files come from PIM, it will always be the latest version of the files that comes with the export (Single Source of Truth). 

Benefits of Import and Export


Automatic import and export of files and images to PIM's database

Time saving

Effective import of changes to files and images. Saved time equals cost savings.

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