Image Validator: Easy quality control of your photos

Save time on quality assurance of images

It is important to ensure that images meet your standards whether they come from a photographer, agency, vendor or elsewhere. The standards are often purposeful. If, for example, you need to use images for your web shop, they must be quality assured on resolution, color spectrum, file format, clipping paths, etc. 

How Image validator works

Photographers, suppliers, etc. upload their photos in a folder that you accessible. 

  • Image validator then tests all images according to your criteria. 
  • You can set up several types of controls in the folder. It can be checking pack shots, photos for printing, etc. 
  • After the check, pictures are placed in one “OK” folder and another with all the pictures that did not live up to the standards. It is simple, efficient, and timesaving. 
  • Images from the OK folder are loaded into your PIM (Perfion, inriver or DynamicWeb PIM). 

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