Who needs a Product Information Management Solution (PIM)?

There are plenty of PIM systems out there! But which one is right for you?

There exists so many smart IT solutions and value-creating technologies that the prioritization becomes almost impossible. Which platforms fit your organization? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer, as you know your unique business best. But are you looking for a solution that creates efficiency and reduces the cost of handling product information? Then PIM is a tool that can help with just that.

Just the fact that you are researching the concept of PIM is a good sign that something is catching your interest. One of the most influential reasons for whether a PIM system is relevant to you, is COMPLEXITY. The greater the variation in products and their properties, and the more varied your company structure and processes are, the more resources will be spent on administration. Let's take a closer look at how complexity affects your need for PIM.

PIM is for companies with complex product data

Product Information Management simplifies and centralizes all your data, even across channels. In doing so, it helps employees make better decisions and work more efficiently.

But what is a complex product? Quantity? No, quantity is just the number of products. 1,000,000 identical products are quick to maintain as they are identical.

What really complicate things is when the products are varied. It may be due to language, markets, category. In addition, the number of attributes such as color, size, season, etc. adds to the complexity.

How often do you make changes to the product range? If it is often, then the value of PIM is greater. Even the number of suppliers has an impact; one supplier may provide data in one format, while another supplier has a different format. With PIM you can set requirements to how the suppliers must hand over data to you. This standardize data and makes it easier to work with.

The PIM system helps complex international companies

You may be selling standardized or specialized products with a large geographical spread. This means increased complexity in the form of statutory regulations, languages, documentation, departments and brands. Another, but also very crucial dimension is the number of sales channels - the more channels, the more beneficial a PIM could be.

If you can recognize the above, then PIM clearly has its place in your company.

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