Product Compliance Management

Keep track of whether your products comply with current laws and regulations

With a product portfolio of several thousand item numbers, it can be difficult to get an overview of whether all products comply with current laws and regulations - i.e. whether the company's product compliance is in order. In the same way, it can seem unmanageable to keep track on whether all statutory product information is present, so that the products can be reported ready for sale - i.e. whether the documentation for product compliance is complete.

Additionally, when considering that many products today are produced in one part of the world with one set of laws and regulations, and then sold in several different markets in other parts of the world with other laws and regulations, then the complexity almost becomes too unmanageable. This applies whether you import goods for resale in Denmark or if you produce goods for export. Products that are legal in one market are not necessarily legal in another, and even though the products are legal, there may be other requirements for the use of the product, the packaging or the documentation that accompanies the product.

And with thousands of products on the shelf, even simple questions become complex. For example, can you quickly answer the following:

  • Can the product be sold in the US?
  • Is the product organic or is it marked with the EU Flower?
  • Are there any special rules for disposing of the product in an EU country?
  • What allergens are in the product?
  • Do we have any Fairtrade products on the shelves?

Are the above issues something that you can recognise? Do you also experience that (too) many internal resources are used to keep track of this type of product data? And despite dedicating  a lot of resources to this, you still may not quite reach the goal, and the risk of mistakes is still present? In the worst case this can result in fines, lost orders and bad reputation.

At PicoPublish, we are specialists in Product Information Management (PIM), and therefore we also have extensive experience in handling and structuring the product data needed to ensure the company's product compliance. With a PIM system, you get, among other things:

  • A comprehensive overview of all available product information
  • Easy and efficient maintenance of product information
  • Overview of internal workflows and approval processes
  • Publication of product data in different channels in different markets

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