PIMedia unites DAM & PIM as the ultimative image bank



PIMedia - an imagebank with 100% data control

Do you spend way to much time on collecting and distributing product information to your dealers, the press or end user?
Imagine if they could shop your data like they shop products? Whenever they want and without any involvement from you.


With PIMedia your media files (images, videos, texts, etc.) are always accessible for your customers, dealers, the press and not least your own employees.


PIMedia is a full-blown DAM solution, which can be integrated with your current or future PIM solution. PIMedia´s strength lies in the ability to automatically update all asset-/image data. This is done by connecting PIMedia with your ERP-system.








What makes PIMedia the ultimative image bank & DAM solution?


A traditional image bank is often developed as a seperate system. However, PIMedia is developed with integration and optimization as its primary attributes. As a standalone system, the most traditional image banks/DAM solutions work as they are supposed to. But, their functionality is often deficient when integrating to ERP and PIM and the aim is to use data from these systems.


Through our extensive experience with PIM-integrations we know exactly what capabilities an image bank/DAM solution need to have in order to be efficiently integrated with the rest of your IT-systems.


With PIMedia you are ensured an image bank/DAM solution which:

  • Can be integrated dynamically with ERP, PIM and other systems.
  • Can import and not least place image/assets automatically and dynamically within DAM.
  • Can Autogenerate DAM hierarchies across multiple languages.
  • Automatically can connect assets/images with masterdata such as: itemno., colours, season, categories, descriptions, etc.
  • Has a userfriendly and intuitive layout, which ensures proper UX (User Experience)
  • Automatically can convert images to different sizes, DPI and filetypes.
  • Automatically can deliver data feeds to images/assets when downloading them.
  • Has a responsive design, securing a perfect visual presentation across all units.
  • Supports advanced user- and administrator rights.
  • Supports dynamic search, which means that the user is able to define, extend and select the searchfilters to be implemented in the solution.


Book a free demo of PIMedia and see with your own eyes, how easy it is to handle and manage large quantities of images, videos and texts.











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Read how PIMedia supports and drives ILVA´s digital strategy.


The challenge?

ILVA reacquires in-house marketing competencies. During the transformation from external to internal resources, their current DAM solution located in the 'cloud' provided slow and long processing time due to:


  • Large quantities of ERP and image data
  • The DAM solution needed the ability to connect masterdata and images.
  • The DAM solution missed the ability to support dynamic searches.
  • Missing functionality in relation to minimize the risk of obtaining duplicate data.


Every year, ILVA sells more than 2 mil. products through their +40 dealers and own webshop. Also, their complex product range which need to be promoted continuosly means that ILVA often have to produce promotion materials such as: Catalogues, SoMe campaigns, banners, videos, etc.


A well documented product supports the customer with crucial information throughout their buying process. This contributes to an improved conversion rate and fewer returns because the customer is able to make the better decision due to more and better information. Additionally, ILVA's webshop is centrally anchored in their digital growth strategy. And with that, ILVA has a huge requirement in relation to be able to enrich their own images with masterdata such as: name, colour, item type, measures, season, etc.


ILVA has marketing departments all over Denmark. From here, handling large images and 3d-drawings of furnitures is done on a daily basis. This resulted in long processing times from their cloudbased DAM solution. This greatly reduced their efficiency and ruined the workflow. So, with their current setup, ILVA found it hard to obtain enough ressources to achieve their ambitious goals. Especially without completely ruining their earnings.


”With a link to our PIMedia solution, our marketingdepartments are able to find and acquire the image- and videomaterial they need.


The solution is super user friendly and with PIMedias efficient structure, we have in no time made the users of our image bank self supplying. 


Kim Nisted, IT-Manager at ILVA







The solution?


PIMedia - a userfriendly website developed to work as an image bank, where the user is able to easily supply themselves with your mediafiles.


Technical setup

The solution is a setup, where ILVA name their images with a unique item/barcode number. From here, the files are loaded into PIMedia - automatically. They are then dynamically placed within different DAM hierarchies. 


Automatic interconnection of images and master data

The images are then automatically coupled with master data from Dynamics AX (ERP). In this process assets and images with name, colour, item type, specifications, season, etc. is coupled with the product, which automatically happens in PIMedia.


Automatic transfer of master data and images to ILVA's webshop

After a successful coupling of images and master data, an automatic web-export of all new images is executed. The web-export is transferred to a specified FTP-server where they are loaded into ILVA's webshop. The images are automatically formatted to an image sized 1000x1000px and with a clipping patch so that they are always centered and borderless.


PIMedia, intuitive website that functions as an image bank

PIMedia´s web-portal acts like an image bank/asset-shop. The user interface is intuitive and it  the stucture and visual look and feel can be customized your specific needs. Additionally, PIMedia is available with a dynamic search function which makes it possible to search across al masterdata.

Within ILVA's new image bank, PIMedia, it is possible for ILVA's users to easily find and download the media assets they need. The coupling of images and masterdata makes it possible to generate searches, which quickly provides them with an overview over the actual image material. Regardless for whether they are searching for couches, colours, season or item numbers.


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Per Groth



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