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Which PIM system should I choose?

PicoPublish' consultants are experts in Perfion and inRiver


Which PIM system should I choose?

PicoPublish’s consultants are experts in the PIM solutions from inRiver, Perfion and DynamicWEB.


We have chosen these PIM solutions, because they are built specifically for product information management, they are easily integrated with our clients’ remaining IT systems and they are user friendly.


To us, it is not important which PIM system our clients choose. The key to success with your PIM solution lies in choosing a PIM system which satisfies your current requirements and your plans for the future.


Our consultants will give you an overview of the pros and cons of each system in regards of your business specific requirements. 

PicoPublish’s PIM Analysis Workshop



PicoPublish offers a non-committal PIM analysis workshop. After participating in the workshop, you will get clear answers to:


  • Which PIM system matches your requirements. We will present Perfion and inRiver to you.
  • How your business will profit from implementing a PIM system.
  • How to implement PIM in your organization.
  • How PIM will fit into your current IT system.
  • What a PIM system will cost you.



The agenda of the workshop:


  • We will go through your current IT system, such as ERP, CMS and E-commerce.
  • We will look into your products and the amount of product data.
  • We will discuss  what your current challenges are in relation to your product data processes.
  • We will give you a thorough presentation of the PIM systems Perfion and inRiver and focus on your specific requirements.
  • You will have access to Q&A session with one of our skilled consultants.
  • We will present our recommendations to you.




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Best Regards,

Per Groth

CEO & Owner - PicoPublish


We have delivered PIM solutions to a wide range of Danish and international companies within different industries. But common to all of our customers is that they have many products and product data and often in several different languages.

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