What PIM system is the right one for me?


A difficult question, fortunately we have helped many companies answer exactly that question.


Being experts in the leading PIM-systems inRiver, Perfion and DynamicWEB PIM. PicoPublish can help you choose the right PIM solution.


Our highly skilled PIM specialists can help you disclose your wishes, demands and last but not least your most needed demands for PIM. Hereafter we help you to benchmark these agains our portfolio of PIM systems.. 


To us, it is not decisive what your new PIM system is called. The right system for you, is the one who fulfills your demands and needs in the best way possible. Especially with your work processes in mind.


We often make a POC (Proof of Concept) where we visualize your products, demands and processes in the different PIM systems. The benefit, is that the involved workers can see and test products and processes in the different PIM solutions before investing in PIM.






Who is Perfion?

The Perfion PIM system is developed by the danish company Perfion. The headquarter is based in Denmark, but Perfion have offices in the USA, Germany and Benelux countries.


Perfion is based on Microsoft technology and the Perfion PIM have ever since the early versions differentiated themselves by being able to show PIM data directly in the ERP-solutions "Dynamics" from Microsoft (AX (FO) and Dynamics NAV (BC). 








Who is inRiver?


The inRiver PIM system is developed by the Swedish company inRiver AB. inRiver have offices in Sweden, USA, UK, Germany and Finland. The headquarter is located in Sweden.


inRiver´s PIM solution ipmc (inRiver product marketing cloud) is a 100% cloud-based PIM system, which also why it is possible to access the system from a standard web browser.






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