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Perfion user? Create results from day one with this course

If you are are Perfion user and in the need of a thorough introduction to Perfion. Then this is the right course for you. Here, we teach you about the basic principles and structures within Perfion PIM. And through hands-on excercises you become confident with the different functions needed to administrate data.


What's your competencies when going home?


You are able to navigate within Perfion | You can categorize data and perform searches | You are able to tell the difference between items and features | You have the ability to save time by exploiting the different functions such as product hierarchies and inheritace | You are able to perform the daily tasks within Perfions "Grid" | You feel at home in Perfion's itemlist | You are able to build catalogs- and webstructures | You are able to generate reports and publish them | Have knowledge about Perfion's search functions.


Practical information?


Duration? 7 hours (9-16)

Where? At our place on the address:  Glarmestervej 20a 1., 8600 Silkeborg

Price: 2.500 kr. including lunch / On-site: 10.000 kr.




”I Participated in PicoPublish' course 'Basic Perfion' to be prepared for my daily tasks within PIM.


The course was well-structured and throughout the day we had hands-on excercises which ensured that we always moved our competencies from theory to practice.


Gitte Jensen, Masterdata specialist, KVIK A/S



Are you a Perfion Administrator?


If you have the role as Perfion Administrator, then this is the right course for you.


As a Perfion Administrator it is your responsibility to ensure that all PIM processes are optimized for your company. However, your success is based upon your knowledge about the newest functions within Perfion. 


At our Perfion Administrator course, we go through Perfions admin functions, new and old. And throughout hands-on excercises you will learn to build and administrate a Perfion database.


Time is also allocated for questions and sharing knowledge and experience with the other Perfion admins, to ensure that you get some feedback from other admins.


What's your competencies upon leaving?


You know the features and their abilities | You can configure and setup datamodels | You can work with Perfion's sectiondesigner | You can handle variable data sets | You can use swap structures | You can administrate views and groups | You are able to understand remote features and synchronizations | You can create related values | You can manage access and allocate rights | You can configure and use both fixed and dynamic searches.


Practical information?


Duration? 7 hours (9-16)

Where? At our place on the address Glarmestervej 20a 1., 8600 Silkeborg

Price: 3.500 kr. including lunch / On-site: 10.000 kr.






Stay sharp on the Perfion updates

Been using Perfion for a while but never implemented the newest functions? Then this is the right course for you. During the course we will go through the most important features introduced in the newest updates. We have allocated time for hands-on excercises so that it is easy for you to use and learn the new functions.


What's your competencies when leaving?


You can search for multiple items | You can use Perfions spell-check | You can use the function, show family | You can perform fixed searches such as, categories | You can search for and filter on remote values | You can log and use the recycle bin | You can exploit the new possibilities within access management | You can perform data validation | You have knowledge about default values  You have knowledge about related values | You can use and benefit from the split-screen mode | You have knowledge about other news which Perfion introduces between the courses.


Practcal information?


Duration? 3 hours (9.30 - 13.00)

When? At our place on the address Glarmestervej 20a 1., 8600 Silkeborg

Price: 1.250 kr. including lunch / On-site: 5.000 kr.








Use Perfion's import function like a champion

Do you import data with the built-in import functions, but lack knowledge on how it actually works? Then this is the right course for you. On this course we will go through the many opportunities provided by the import function in detail. Hands-on excercise are a big part of the course, so that practially learn the function.


What's your competencies when leaving?


You are able to build an Excel spreadsheet ready for import | You master importing images, documents and certificates | You can validate the imported data | You can sort catalogue items via import.


Practical information?


Duration? 3 hours (9.30-13.00)

When? Our place on the addres Glarmestervej 20a 1., 8600 Silkeborg

Price: 2.000 kr. including lunch / On-site: 7.000 kr.



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