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What is Perfion?

Perfion is a standard PIM solution build upon Microsoft-technology. Dependent of your cloud-strategy, Perfion's database can be placed either locally (on-premise) or in the cloud. 

Perfion have always been known for its close PIM integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV, where Perfion offers a special PIM-client. Perfion supports the newest versions of ERP from Microsoft, which means that a PIM integration to 365 FO and 365 BC is completely out-of-the-box.

With a standard PIM solution from Perfion, you are able to:

  • Centralize both PIM and DAM-data in one single solution
  • Import (or live integrate) data from other systems
  • Maintain data efficiently through inheritance and mass updating data.
  • Setup processes and work-flows for maintaining product data.
  • Print: Catalogs, price lists and product sheets (without using other programmes such as inDesign).
  • Simultaneously publish data through various channels (Web, E-Com, Amazon, APPs, etc.)


Book a DEMO of Perfion and see for your self, why PIM/Perfion is a great investment for companies with large quantities of product data. A PIM demo can either be online, where a consultatn goes through Perfion PIM via a web-session. It is also possible to books us for an on-premise demo of Perfion. When you are booking a demo, it is possible to note in the comment section which demo you wish. Both are free of charge..



Perfion PIM and its advantages


Perfion PIM provides the following advantages:


  • Within Perfion all product- and channel data is collected for centralized and easy maintanence.
  • As Perfion is both a PIM and DAM solution in all kinds of data can be managed (product-, channel and media data.
  • With Perfion's dynamic data views complex products with many attributes are easily be monitored.
  • Quick and easy overview over products, processes and data quality ensures faster TTM (Time To Market).
  • Perfion provides dynamic support for multiple languages.
  • With Perfion's report designer, all kinds of printed material can be autogenerated. Most commonly: Catalogues, Price lists, bar codes, QR labels and list for spare parts, etc.)

One of the greatest advantages of Perfion PIM is the possibility to get your suppliers to maintain their own products within PIM. With Perfion's integrated supplier module sub-contractors can enrich their own products, making it possible for you to outsource this task from your company.






These companies benefit the most from Perfion PIM

PicoPublish recommends Perfion to companies, when:


  • The company has many products (PicoPublish have customers with over 5.000.000 products)
  • PIM is to be closely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, FO or BC
  • Product- og masterdatamanagement is centralized in the company
  • The company have many different groups of products
  • The company products are of technical nature, where many product attributes must be managed simultaneously.






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