What is inRiver PIM?

inRiver PIM


InRiver is a cloud based PIM solution built upon Microsoft technology. All data in the solution is automatically saved in the cloud (Microsoft Azure), this ensures a minimal administration alongside great scalability. InRiver is built up on a series of applications (Apps's) which supports different PIM functions. The standard setup normally consists of these 4 applications:

  • SUPPLY applications connects inRIver with other systems. InRiver is easily connected with other systems such as: ERP, DAM, PLM and supplier data bases, etc.
  • ENRICH  supports all the functions and roles needed for international companies to support their products. The product processes and workflow of the company is also supported so that TTM (Time To Market) is optimized.
  • PLAN & RELEASE defines the saleschannels of the company (B2B, Commerce, B2C commerce, Amazon, Facebook, product catalogues, etc.). Which products to be published in the different sales channels are easily managed by inRiver.
  • PUBLISH Handles all the data to be sent/published to the different sales channels. InRiver is able to support the omni-channel-strategy of the company. And not least, able to provide the much wanted overview.

Book an inRiver PIM demo and see for your self, why inRIver has become a popular way for companies to manage their product data. An inRiver demo is available as an online demo, where one of our certified consultants provides insight to inRiver via a web.session. We are also happy to stop by and show inRivers many advantages to you and your co-workers. When booking and inRiver demo it is possible to note in the comment sections which demo version you'd like. Both demo's are free of charge.





The benefits of inRiver PIM

  • inRiver collects and centralizes all product- and channel data so that these are always easily accessible for maintenance central but also decentral.
  • inRiver provides superior overview over products, processes and tasks which helps you achieve a much faster TTM (Time To Market)
  • inRiver efficiently supports your omni-channel-strategy. You are never in doubt which products and data are available across your sales channels.
  • There is no requirements for internal IT_support as both the solution and the data is located in the cloud.
  • inRiver supports your dynamic growth strategy in relation to: Products, languages, markets, users, etc.







The companies that benefits the most from inRiver PIM


PicoPublish recommends inRiver to international companies when: 

  • "Go To Cloud" is an important part of the company's IT-strategy.
  • Marketing has the main responsibility for Product Information Management
  • "PIM" employees are located across multiple platforms such as: Apple, Microsoft, etc.
  • Many different profiles is incorporated in the PIM process.
  • Design and "Look" is an important part of your products.
  • You have many: Products, languages, data or sales channels.







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