DynamicWEB - PIM and Ecommerce within the same platform




What is DynamicWEB PIM?

Dynamicweb PIM is  PIM system, integrated in Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform. 


The system is fast, efficient and easy to implement. If you need a new website or webshop but wishes to implement PIM at the same time, then we recommend DynamicWEB PIM. Here you benefit from synergy by having both PIM and E-com within DynamicWEB's platform. At the same time you reduce the amount of applications and integrations and thereby you avoid unnecessary complexity within your setup. With DynamicWEB PIM you are able to:


  • Achieve a centralized data structure of your product data
  • Integrate data from other systems such as: ERP, data sources, suppliers, etc.
  • Efficiently maintain and enrich your data with the built-in inheritance feature
  • Efficiently publish data to different sales channels such as: E-com, Amazon, websites, apps, etc.



Dynamicweb PIM is a so called integrated PIM system, what that means is simply that the PIM system is located within the CMS-system. A placement that has its benefits and like everything else, drawbacks: 


One of the main advantages is that you only have to relate to one system. The result is a faster start up process as the implementation and learning of the system is faster. Also, the integration of PIM is in most cases cheaper, as you completely avoid the cost of integration to the CMS system.


Book a demo of DynamicWEB and se "All In One" with both CMS, shop and PIM within the same solution.


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What are the benefits of DynamicWEB PIM?


With Dynamicweb PIM it is possible to unite all processes related to enrichment, centralization, distribution and selling of products within one system. You can manage your product data from your CMS and achieve the following benefits:


  • Employees can easily enrich products, often this is done by Marketing og Sales
  • Easily feed additional product data from ERP, external data sources and third part system into your PIM.
  • Microsoft technology ensures an efficient integration
  • Achieve your one source to all product information goal
  • Achieve a solid structure and efficiently manage languages and currencies across your sales channels 
  • Easily export language- and product data to Excel
  • Efficiently share texts with copywriters
  • Efficiently supply data feeds to partners, market places and catalogues






These companies often benefit the most from DynamicWEB's PIM

PicoPublish recommends Dynamicweb PIM to companies when:


  • The company wishes DynamicWEB as their CMS/web platform
  • The company has a smaller amount of products with a relatively low complexity (i.e amount of product information such as: Images, texts, specifications, etc.)
  • The company has a smaller amount of different product groups
  • The company's primary sales come from a webshop
  • The company wishes to sell more products across more markets and wishes to conquer the digital channels





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