With most installations, PicoPublish is currenty the worldleading Perfion Partner

With most installations, PicoPublish is currenty the worldleading Perfion Partner

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PicoPublish is Certified Perfion Premium Partner

We are the most experienced Perfion partner with the most installations wordwide

Perfion PIM system

Perfion is an effecient, easy to use, quick to implement, accissible and secure Danish PIM system.


Perfion is a full blown PIM system, dedicated to product management.

With Perfion, you will be in complete control of your products.


It allows you to easily enrich products and publish them to the any channel (web, catalogue, etc.).


A PIM system from Perfion supports your omni-channel strategy and optimizes your internal product management processes.  Perfion is for both B2B and B2C companies.  

Data Maintenance and Processes

Perfion optimizes all product processes from enrichment to centralization and distribution.    


Enrichment: You can enrich the products with descriptions, photos, technical specifications, etc.


The products can also be enriched with product assets, external data sources and third-party systems.



Centralization: Perfion gives you a single source of all products and there is just one version of each product. Meaning no more double enrichments.


Distribution: Perfion makes it possible for you to organize your products and distribute them in the right currency, language and channel.





Perfion is a 100% standard solution with an open API. Therefore, we can integrate Perfion with any IT system with an API, e.g. your ERP system.


PicoPublish are experts in integration, and we ensure your IT systems are united with your PIM solution. Perfion can be integrated with:


  • ERP
  • CMS
  • E-commerce
  • Data sources
  • Printed material
  • Marketplace: Amazon etc.
  • Apps
  • Data pool


Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV and AX out-of-the-box integration

Perfion is based on Microsoft technology with out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV and Microsoft Dynamics™ AX.


It is possible to run Perfion in these ERP systems. Perfion’s frontend has the same structure and design as standard Microsoft Dynamics.



Therefore, ERP users do not notice the change between systems when they shift between ERP and Perfion.


Product data is easily accessed via the Microsoft Dynamics™ standard integration: Images, video, documents, price lists, catalogues, product sheets, texts in multiple languages, etc.

Perfion Modules

PicoPublish offers modules as the only Perfion partner. The modules gives you more options in your daily work with your products. 

Please notice that if you already have Perfion, you do not have to change Perfion partner, if you want one of our modules.  

A tool to help you organise your campaigns 

A webportal where your suppliers and employees can access and enrich your products

Cloud-based middleware to transfer product data from your PIM system to your Magento 2.0, suitable for inRiver and Perfion


Log of all changes in Perfion and you can see, who, what, where and when.

A connector to integrate your Perfion solution with an external AQL database

Automatically import scheduled data from an external data source to Perfion 


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Per Groth

CEO & Owner - PicoPublish

The PIM Transition

Our skilled consultants will guide you in how PIM can be implemented most efficiently in your organisation and how you can benefit from PIM. It is not important to us which PIM system you choose, but rather that you choose the PIM system to match your needs.