PicoPublish is Certified inRiver Partner

PicoPublish is Certified inRiver Partner

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PicoPublish is Certified inRiver Partner

inRiver PIM System

inRiver is an award-winning Product Information Management system (PIM).


inRiver organises your product data and puts you in complete control. With inRiver you can streamline your customer’s experience of your products across all channels (website, catalogue, etc.). inRiver supports your omnichannel strategy.

With inRiver you will be able to release resources for tasks that generates more value. inRiver is for both B2B and B2C companies.  



inRiver is a cloud-based PIM solution which you can access anywhere at any time. inRiver is a 100% standard solution with an open API. Therefore, we can integrate inRiver with any IT system with an API, e.g. your ERP system.

PicoPublish are experts in integration, and we ensure your IT systems are united with your PIM solution. inRiver can be integrated with:

  • ERP
  • Webshop and website
  • Data sources
  • Printed material


Data Maintenance and Processes

inRiver simplifies all processes about enrichment and publishing of product information.


Supply: inRiver provides the tools for easy accessing product data feeds from external systems like ERP, PLM, or any other third party system.



Enrich: This is the stage where great product stories are crafted as product marketing professionals collaborate on creating rich, consistent, and converting product stories.



Plan and Release: With inRiver, you can use your product information across any customer touchpoint. The app for planning and releasing allows you to manage, optimize and schedule your content for specific channel requirements.



Publish: inRiver allows you to connect and publish high-quality product information to any sales channel (e-commerce, catalog, e-catalog, in-store signage etc). Once published, changes are easily made in a single place to be applied across all channels.


inRiver Applications

inRiver provides a variety of apps that are deployed and accessed through a single login. The different apps provide functionality to support your daily work with your products. You can add one or more of these apps to your inRiver solution, based on what your needs are. PicoPublish will guide you throught the various options.

The PIM Transition

Our skilled consultants will guide you in how PIM can be implemented most efficiently in your organisation and how you can benefit from PIM.

It is not important to us which PIM system you choose, but instead that you choose the PIM system that matchs your needs.   


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Market Development Manager