Dynamicweb PIM is reasonably priced and easy to get started with

Dynamicweb PIM is reasonably priced and easy to get started with

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Dynamicweb All-In-One Platform

Dynamicweb PIM is a part of the Dynamicweb’s All-In-One platform.


If you have a new website / webshop and additionally want the benefits of PIM, you can use the built in PIM and E-com solution found in Dynamicweb.
This achieves synergy by having both platforms integrated within the same solution. Having both at the same time, reduces the number of applications and integrations and help avoid unnecessary complexity.

Dynamicweb All-In-One Platform

Data Management and Processes

With Dynamicweb PIM, you can collect, in a single system, all processes related to enrichment, centralization, distribution and web sales of your products. You can control your product data directly from your CMS.


Enrichment: The products are enriched in PIM by your marketing and sales teams. Products will also be able to get information from your ERP, external data sources and third-party systems. Dynamicweb PIM is built on Microsoft technology and has an open API.
You can also import product data with Excel.


Centralization in the All-In-One platform: Dynamicweb gives you one source of all product information, and there is only one version of each product (Single Source of Truth). Read more about the functionality of Dynamicweb PIM here.


Distribution: Dynamicweb PIM allows you to structure your products, manage languages, currencies and the channels in which and how they should appear. Language and product fields can be exported to Excel spreadsheets, which can then be shared with translation agencies etc. You can supply product data feeds to partners, marketplaces and directories.

The PIM Transition

Our skilled consultants will guide you in how PIM can be implemented most efficiently in your organisation and how you can benefit from PIM.

It is not important to us which PIM system you choose, but instead that you choose the PIM system that matchs your needs.   


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