Improve the performance of your Perfion+server setup

Improve the performance of your Perfion+server setup

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Server Performance Improvement Package

PicoPublish now offers a server performance improvement package, where we first analyse your current Perfion and server setup and second implement possible changes to improve the performance. We customize the performance improvement package to your specific needs. Some Perfion users especially experience their setup as too slow when they present data in views and when they open the item card.


The server performance improvement package includes the following steps:


Collecting the Necessary Knowledge   

PicoPublish collectsthe necessary knowledge of your setup:

  • Gathers knowledge of all situations, where you experience Perfion to be too slow
  • Installation of SQL performance tool 





When we have gathered knowledge of where your Perfion and server setup is challenged, we begin to analyse, how to improve it:

  • Analysis of the SQL server’s performance
  • Analysis of the infrastructure of the SQL server
  • Analysis of Perfion requests


Implementation of improvements

We implement changes to improve your SQL server’s performance:

  • Changes of requests in Perfion
  • Adjustment of the SQL server setup
  • Modification of SQL indexes  
  • Recommendation of hardware changes

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