To maximize the efficiency of your pim solution


PIMcommerce - webshop seamlessly integrated with PIM

Do you have a webshop, where maintaining products, languages, menus, SEO and search-filters is expensive and takes a lot of time to manage within the CMS


With PIM commerce, it is possible to easily manage the product data, structue and other product related directly within PIM. With PIM Commerce, you get a turn-key-webshop solution with seamless integration to your PIM system: Perfion, inRiver or DynamicWEB PIM.


Do you already have Perfion or inRiver? Then the setup of a standard PIM Commerce quickly and swiftly done. And the requirements from you is kept at a minimum. PIM Commerce it developed to support both B2B and B2C.


PIMedia - a DAM-system gets you in 100% control over your Digital assets.


If you spend way to many ressources on handling and distributing your product information to your dealer network.

Then imagine, that your dealers can shop the exact mediafiles, when and how they wish to, without involving you and your company.


With PIMedia, your DAM-files (images, videos, texts, etc) are always easily available for your customers, dealers and press. Last but not least, your employees.


PIMedia is a professional DAM-solution integrate with your PIM, if you wish to do so. PIMedia's great strength lies within it's ability to update and manage all Asset-/imagedata. These can, of course be automated via a connection to your ERP system.







SupplierPortal - let your suppliers tailor their data to your demand


Do you spend too much time on gathering and converting your suppliers product data? With SupplierPortal it is possible to let your suppliers deliver their product data to you - the way you need it. It is possible to deliver the data directly within your PIM system without them having access to anything but their data.







Server performance - optimize the speed of your PIM- and server setup


We tailor our performance-update to meet your specific challenges. Especially in relation to presenting data views and working with the product-sheets within Perfion. Some users experience a lag when working, this is often due to ineffective processes, long queries, etc. on server/database level. We offer a solution, where we analyze your setup and implements the required changes to significantly imrove your speed. 







Image Validator - Easy Quality Assurance (QA) of your images


Image Validator is an elegant and highly effective PIM application developed by PicoPublish. We guarantee you, that it will save you several hours of manual processes when doing QA on your images from: Photographers, agencies and suppliers, etc.

In stead of having to check all the images manually, just run them through our Image Validator which checks your images for the requirements that you setup.







PIMagento - Automatically transfer your product data from PIM to Magento

PicoPublish's app PIMagento, is a cloud-based middleware, which transfers your product data from PIM (inRiver or Perfion) to your Magento 2.0 webshop. It's everything from Products, languages, marketdata, users etc.








SyncService - Automate Perfions synchronization-module


In Perfion, the synchronization can only be done manually. However, PicoPublish's SyncService makes it possible for you to automate and plan several synchronization task within Perfion.







DataConnector - Easy transfer of data from PIM to SQL-database

DataConnector provides easy, secure and standardized access to selected data from Perfion. With DataConnector you have full control over which data external systems and / or partners have access to. The application makes it possible for other systems to connect to the integration database and in that way use the data from Perfion together with e.g. CMS and webshop systems in a customized data structure.​







Import Multimedia - Automatic import of images to PIM


Automatically import files and photos into Perfion. Import Multimedia can be set up to run automatically at the time of day that suits you best. The application ensures that files are imported correctly into Perfion.​







Export Multimedia - Automatic export data from PIM


With the application you can export multimedia files from Perfion and to a folder in a file structure. From there, you can take your media files on to your channels.






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