Easy quality control of your images






Spend less time on quality assurance of your images

Whether your photos come from a photographer, agency, suppliers or elsewhere. Then it is important to ensure that your photos meet your standards. This, of course, depends on the purpose. If, for example, you need to use images for your webshop it is a good idea to ensure the quality of resolution, color spectrum, file format, clipping paths, etc.











So how does Image Validator work?

  • Photographers, suppliers, etc. upload their photos in a folder you make available.
  • Image validator then tests all images for your criteria.
  • Setting up several control types. In the folder, for example, you can also set up various controls. It can be a control of packshots, another can control images for printing, etc.
  • After checking, pictures are placed in one OK folder and another with all pictures that did not live up to your requirements. Simple, efficient and time-saving.
  • Images from the OK folder are loaded into your PIM (Perfion, inRiver or DynamicWEB PIM)






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