Easily transfer data from Perfion to an external SQL database

Easily transfer data from Perfion to an external SQL database

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Transfer product data to an external SQL database

DataConnector is a standard application from PicoPublish, which transfers product data from Perfion to an external SQL database.


DataConnector provides an easy, secure and standard access to selected data from Perfion. DataConnector is directly integrated into Perfion, from which a dataset can be defined for the remote database. With DataConnector, you have full control over which data external systems and / or partners have access to.

The application enables other systems to connect to the integration database and use the Perfion data together with, among other things, CMS and webshop systems in a customized data structure.



The application transfers data from Perfion to an external integration database (SQL), and makes data readily available in an external system such as website for a partner. The application is encoded in .NET C #.


How does DataConnector work?

  1. DataConnector retrieves the requested data directly from the Perfion SQL database

  2. Data is exported in an XML file format

  3. Data is exported to an external SQL database to be used as part of a webshop solution, ERP system or another database such as GS1. Web hierarchies become available and changes can easily be distributed to the database and released to the web.


Perfion's API

Perfion's API

DataConnector can be an alternative to data access through the Perfion API. DataConnector can also be combined with Perfion API, depending on the need/requirement.



The transfer of data can be planned at certain times and can also be run on demand.

Live Integration

Live Integration

DataConnector can be set up to provide live access to data.

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