Take control of the products in your E-commerce setup and your website with a PIM system

Take control of the products in your E-commerce setup and your website with a PIM system

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Integrate your websolution with a PIM system

Do you waste time and money maintaining your web solution's menu structure, search filters and categories with a lot of expensive programming?


With a PIM system, you can move the task of product management away from your web shop. With PIM, it is much faster and more efficient to update your products, product relationships, menu structures, categories and search filters. All of this without a single line of code. Product management is greatly simplified with a PIM system, freeing up resources for other value-adding activities with your web solution, such as branding, online marketing and SEO.


Benefits of placing product management in a PIM system

From PIM, you can easily control the product's relationships within the web shop, such as related items, spare parts, substitute items, related goods and outlet / retail products. PIM is far more effective in language and market specific product data than ERP systems and web shops.



Advantages of using PIM to maintain your web solution:



  • Mass update of products is simplified
  • Auto-scaling of images
  • Auto-generates SEO texts for metadata description of images
  • Enriching the products with product sheets, video etc.

Integrate PIM with any webshop with an open API

We can integrate our PIM systems with all webshops using an open API. Our PIM systems are 100% standard and use an open API that is very flexible in terms of integrations. That is, we can integrate into the most widely used webshop solutions. In the PIM system you can clearly see if a product is ready to come out to the shop with all desired descriptions and specifications. The time-consuming task of proofreading is sharply reduced as the products are only available in one version (Single Source of Truth - SSoT). It is always the latest version of product data that is shown in the web shop as the products come from PIM. Our customers experience a much faster time-to-market with new products and corrections.

A ready-made webshop for your PIM solution

A ready-made webshop for your PIM solution

PIM Commerce is a webshop built on Dynamicweb, which PicoPublish has developed. We have created a ready-to-use E-commerce platform, which can be directly integrated with, among other things, PIM. You can customize the design and product presentation to match your needs. With PIM Commerce you can quickly get your webshop up and running quickly and inexpensively.


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Per Groth

CEO & Owner - PicoPublish


We have delivered PIM solutions to a wide range of Danish and international companies within different industries. But common to all of our customers is that they have many products and product data and often in several different languages

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