Reduce your processes around publishing and printing by more than 60%.

Reduce your processes around publishing and printing by more than 60%.

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Optimize your internal marketing processes

Is your marketing department completely closed when catalogues and price lists are to be produced? Long reviews and lack of overview are some of the challenges marketing experiences when publishing and printing hundreds of pages. The photos come from a photographer, prices from sales, translations from an agency, technical specifications from the manufacturer, etc.

Single Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth

In a PIM system you collect all product information, and there is always one current version of a product - also called the Single Source of Truth. With an integration to PIM, you will always work with the latest version of the products in catalogues, price lists and any other publications. Using PIM, you can differentiate your publications across multiple markets and languages. You do not have to make a separate set of data for each language and market. With PIM all you need to do is indicate a language and this will send the currency and chosen language through to your print endpoint.

Get your products in InDesign with EasyCatalog

Get your products in InDesign with EasyCatalog

Products can be routed directly from the PIM system and into InDesign via the EasyCatalog plug-in. The graphic designer still has full responsibility for the setup and design, but no longer needs to be involved in time-consuming product data corrections. The graphic designer gets a panel in InDesign, where product data is located, and when there are changes to a product in PIM, the information, with just a few clicks will also be updated in InDesign.

We have extensive experience with the EasyCatalog integration into InDesign.


We have delivered PIM solutions to a wide range of Danish and international companies within different industries. But common to all of our customers is that they have many products and product data and often in several different languages

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