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Who is ETIM?



ETIM International is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. The organization is officially headquartered in Brussels and ETIM International consists of the following formal bodies:


  • The General Assembly
  • Direction
  • The Standardization Committee.
  • ETIM's power (and not least success) lies in the collective, as development takes place via independent and industry organizations, which means that you can also influence development.












What is ETIM?


In short, ETIM is a standardized data format for uncovering product data.


The ETIM classification is built up via codes, and for example, blue is not a color in ETIM, but a code.

So, if you exchange product information based on ETIM, then you are not exchanging words, but codes!


In addition, ETIM is multilingual, and you start by classifying your products using local language versions. You can then send your product information to all ETIM-supporting countries, where they can translate your coded information into their local language version.






The purpose of ETIM?



ETIM International was founded to ensure the development, maintenance, publication and promotion of an ETIM model for the classification of technical products.


Originally, ETIM International's product and industry focus lies within the classification of installation, building, tools and shipbuilding products. But the association is also open to other related industrial sectors.






ETIM creates value through standard exchange

Having an international structure for data exchange facilitates the process of getting the product distributed - from manufacturer to end user.


In ETIM, this structure takes place via codes. And all codes consist of 2 letters followed by a sequence number. Here you can see an example from an exchange file in XML (BMEcat):


  • EG000001 = ETIM group code
  • EC000001 = ETIM classification code
  • EF000001 = ETIM function code
  • EV000001 = ETIM value code
  • EU000001 = ETIM device code

If we use the example with the blue color. The great advantage of exchanging codes instead of words is that you are sure to be talking about exactly the same blue color - across all ETIM countries.








PIM provides overview and eficient maintenance of the ETIM-structure

All commercial PIM systems can ensure that the maintenance, enrichment and distribution of your ETIM structure takes place efficiently. If you have your ETIM structure in the PIM systems Perfion or inRiver, you ensure the following:


  • Ability to handle different ETIM versions.
  • Faster enrichment of its products with ETIM values.
  • Better overview of its ETIM structure.
  • Strong handling of ETIM across languages.
  • Efficient maintenance of ETIM codes.










How to get started with ETIM

We know that ETIM is a big project, and it requires a lot from most organizations that need to be on board. At PicoPublish, we have extensive experience with ETIM and in particular using PIM as an engine for handling ETIM.

So whether you want to receive ETIM data, or need to send ETIM data, we have experts in the field. We primarily use PIM to organize your data, so you are ready to send or receive ETIM data.























Video - CLICK, and see how Siemens uses ETIM.






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