Produce your catalogues twice as fast

Power up the catalogue production and utilize your employees resources in the best way possible. EasyCatalog makes it possible to automatically produce catalogs, price lists, product sheets across multiple languages and markets.


EasyCatalog is an extention made for inDesign, it automates many manual processes and contributes to a faster production by:

  • Automatize the setup of your products in templates

  • Automatize the generation of language differentiated publications

  • Seperate data from design 

  • Optimize all processes related to your catalogs


Your graphic department will never lose control over the visual and graphic setup. However, they are free of spending hours slow proof reading processes due to error in the data.

With EasyCatalog, the employee receives a panel within inDesign, where all product data is available, if changes occur, it is possible for the employee to update the products with a few clicks in inDesign.


EasyCatalog ensures that your publications are always updated with the latest data (texts, images and links), and if you produce catalogs across multiple languages in inDesign, it is possible to autogenerate these with the EasyCatalog extension.


PicoPublish are experts in PIM and EasyCatalog and we have an extensive experience with autogenerating catalogs, price lists, product sheets, labels and all other kinds of printed materials.















Video - Press play and see how EasyCatalog for inDesign works


The video shows how your printworker after implementation easily and efficiently can generate catalogues across multiple languages. In the shown example, EasyCatalog is integrated to a Perfion PIM solution.













Seperate data from design


EasyCatalog, for inDesign works by collecting data from a data source. The data source can be everything from a CSV file, Excel spread sheet or an SQL database, but the data can also come directly from a PIM system like inRiver or Perfion.


Therefore the printmaker is no longer responsible for errors in the data as these are automatically transfered to inDesign. With a solution from EasyCatalog the printmakers 'only' task is to focus on the design.


With EasyCatalog:

  • You can autogenerate product catalogues
  • minimize proofreading in relation to catalogues, price lists, brochures or other publications
  • The printmaker preserves full "visual control"
  • Eliminate type- and spelling errors (data is transferred directly from the data source to inDesign)
  • Catalogues can easily be updated with new languages, prices, etc. with only a few clicks.
  • Autogenerate dynamique formatting


In short: "Seperate your data from design with EasyCatalog" 





EasyCatalog - Easy to implement, even easier to use



The EasyCatalog extension for inDesign is developed to be easy to implement and use. All EasyCatalog work is done in inDesign meaning that almost everything is as usual. A good way to begin is by using the basic functions before moving on to the more advanced functions later on.


Even though it is possible to start up with EasyCatalog on your own, many chooses to purchase a starter-kit, as this is the fastest way to success with EasyCatalog.













Strong integration between EasyCatalog and PIM


A huge amount af value is achieved when EasyCatalog for inDesign is integrated with a PIM solution. EasyCatalog works perfectly with: InRiver, Perfion or PIM from DynamicWEB. Within PIM, all data ( product data, hierarchy- and structure data, links, images and more) for your publications (e.g.:Catalogues, price lists, product sheets, labels, etc.) are centralized. The PIM system is the central key to all data and EasyCatalog is used as an 'engine' to connect all data in inDesign. 








EasyCatalog kursus, uddannelse og undervisning

Do you need education within EasyCatalog? Then don't hesitate to call PicoPublish. No matter your skill level we are able to help.


We educate in all levels of EasyCatalog, from beginner to advanced. 


Do you need an introduction to specific functions within EasyCatalog? Then we are able to help you, for instance if you need assistance for:


  • Pagination module for EasyCatalog
  • ODBC Database Connection for EasyCatalog
  • Scripting Module for EasyCatalog


Education in EasyCatalog for inDesign is billed by the day with a maximum of 10 participants per session.






Contact me for more information

PicoPublish is a certified partner with 65Bit/EasyCatalog and it is possible to buy your software license through us. If you have doubt in relation to which licenses or add-ons you need, then let us help you map your needs.


We are happy to help, also if you encounter a problem with your current EasyCatalog setup. We offer fast support through one of our EasyCatalog consultants.


Per Groth



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