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PIM system

I Need a PIM System

There is intense competition between e-businesses today. Search engines makes it really easy for consumers to compare products and suppliers. For an e-business, Product information Management (PIM)  is about taking control of your product data. Today, the product with the most profound and relevant data wins. PicoPublish is the leading PIM consultancy firm in Scandinavia with 50+ installations in Denmark and internationally – and we offer first level support for all our clients.


I Want All Our Products in One System

At PicoPublish, we are specialists in integration and can ensure your IT systems work together efficiently. We can integrate our PIM solution with any data source, which has an API. As a result, we can gather product data from other IT systems, e.g. ERP and external databases, and centralize product data in a PIM system. And you will have just one IT system, PIM, where you maintain and store your product data.



Data Governance

I Would Like our Processes Simplified

The need of a PIM system often originates in the internal processes are being inefficient. As an example, maintenance of webshops and production of catalogues. PicoPublish' consultants are experts in data governance and can guide you in the use of your PIM solution, so that your daily work with product data is simplified. You will then be able to release resources for other tasks that create more value. PicoPublish has developed a line of PIM modules which will make you benefit even more from your PIM solution. The modules are e.g. PIM Commerce (webshop concept) and PIMedia (image database). 


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