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PIM system

I Need a PIM System

The competition in todays e-business is intense.

Search engines and price scanners makes the market for products and suppliers more transparent than ever. For an e-business, Product Information Management (PIM) becomes top priority. PIM is about taking control of your product data. In todays competition, the product with the most relevant data wins. PicoPublish is the leading PIM consultancy firm in Scandinavia with 50+ integrations in Denmark and internationally.

To this day we are proudly providing all of them with first class support.








I Want All Our Products in One System

Integrations are vital for every IT system. Issues with integrations can cause expensive maintenance costs, lost profit due to poor efficiency, lack of innovation due to a prolonged time-to-market.

At PicoPublish we are specialists in integration and can ensure that your IT systems cooperate efficiently.

We can integrate your PIM solution with any data source, as long as it has an API. As a result, we can gather product data from other IT systems, e.g. ERP and external databases.

The result, is what we call ‘the one source of truth’, your PIM, here you maintain and store all your product data.

Data Governance

I Would Like our Processes Simplified

Complex, inefficient, slow and exceptions are often what describes internal processes. With a PIM system, that story is different. Here you can maintain all your product data and distribute it to all your communication channels; webshop, imagebank, catalogues, apps, stores and pricelists.

At PicoPublish we are experts in data governance. We can guide you in the use of your PIM solution, so that your dayly work with product data is optimized.

All of which helps improve:Time-to-market, increase efficiency, reduce errors and typos, reduce ERP maintenance costs, support your cross, multi or omni-channel strategi.

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