PIMcommerce is a unique webshop with seamless integration to PIM


E-commerce with efficient maintenance of products and structures in PIM

PIMcommerce is an out-of-the-box webshop, developed with integration to Perfion and inRiver PIM in mind. The result is a seamless integration between PIM and the CMS system. This ensures that you get an online store where it is possible to maintain product data (Language, images, videos, texts, web structures, specifications and certifications) directly in PIM. In addition to live publishing of changes in product data, PIMcommerce can ensure you:


  • Full utilization of the benefits of the PIM system in enriching and managing product information

  • Efficient management and change of web structure

  • Clear handling of related products

  • Effectient management of language and market differentiations

  • No missing product data due to smart Release-to-web function

  • Fewer returns due to better decision basis for the customer.





New webshop. Still your brand and design

Although PIMcommerce is a webshop that has integration and efficiency at the forefront, your brand and design can still be retained. PIMcommerce is based on a basic template from DynamicWEB and there are no visual restrictions. So with a new online store from PicoPublish you ensure:


  • A unique expression that supports your brand
  • Possibility to design your own product card and product list
  • Designed landing pages that create sales
  • Optimize layout in relation to responsive design, which ensures a nice webshop across devices.
  • Integration with PIM ensures that your webshop accommodates SEO / SEM








Schou Company, Scandinavia's largest wholesaler in non-food items more than doubles their revenue with PIMcommerce





The challenge!

Schou had a desire to optimize their processes. Especially through digitization, but also by reaching more potential customers, and meeting their customers' needs to be able to shop anytime and anywhere via online shopping.


Two closed webshops within a short time - the solution was PIMcommerce


Schou Company is a large international company that had to learn the hard way that any webshop can't meet their demands. The consequence was two closed webshops within a short time. Partly because these solutions were not geared to their volume. But also due to the integrations they had with their two ERP systems (AX and NAV), customer-specific prices, assortment management, etc.. All of this became too big a mouthful.


ERP handles transactional data perfectly fine, but it falls way short when it comes to handling product data


If you integrate your ERP system with CMS, you get an integration that can handle transaction data (Prices, order number, barcodes, etc.), without problems. The problem only becomes real when the ERP system needs to handle product data (images, product texts, videos, certifications, etc.). The ERP system is technically unable to support CMS with necessary product data. In order to do so, special integrations have to be implemented. And still the ERP system will not perform and have the same stability as PIM + ERP.





The first six months with our new webshop, we have more than doubled our turnover!


Sara Kjær-Lauridsen, Showroom & Marketing Manager, Schou Company












The solution?


PIMcommerce - is an e-commerce solution with optimized maintenance and seamless integration with PIM as core competencies. The result was a doubling of Schous' turnover, in just 6 months.


PIMcommerce has provided Schou with a reliable and user-friendly webshop

Schou can now offer the same good service when their customers shop online as when they contact their sales or marketing department.


Customers' individual prices and shipping agreements are taken into account when logging in and shopping at shcou.com. The same log in can also be used for their image database (PIMedia), it has made it possible for customers to have all products, and the product materials gathered in one place.

Their webshop is fully integrated with their PIM system (Perfion)

All of Schou's products on their new online store (PIMcommerce) are maintained and managed by Perfion. This has significantly simplified their internal processes. And after only six weeks, Schou was able to launch their Danish webshop and with other languages ​​right after.

The result? A webshop, taht, after only 6 months doubled Schous's turnover!





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