Headless CMS and PIM.
Efficient handling and flexible presentation of product data.




What is headless CMS?

As most people (maybe) know, a traditional CMS (Content Management System) consists of two layers. One layer is a back-end, also called a body. This layer "holds data". The second layer is what we call the presentation layer. This layer presents and visualizes data from the back-end (body).


A normal cms system (such as: DynamicWEB which our PIMcommerce is based on, Sitecore, EPI server and WordPress) handles both layers of the system. A headless CMS, on the other hand, is a content management system that consists exclusively of the administration layer / Body. Therefore, when data is to be presented, for example, in a shop then data is sent via the administration layer's API to the shop supplier chosen by the company.







Why choose a headless CMS?

In fact, a Headless CMS allows for many different "heads". All can be dynamically selected and deselected - completely dynamic. This makes replacement by better alternatives quick and efficient.


For example, many vendors have started to develop "heads" (presentation layers) for companies with headless CMS. Why? Well, because "Heads" always receives data via an API, all providers (of "Heads") are free to choose the presentation technologies that they feel are best suited to their solution. Companies with headless CMS doesn't have to support front-end technologies, as they only have to send data to the front-end, ie the "head" API.

This gives you the opportunity to always choose the best tool (Head) for the individual channel. Examples of different "Heads" / Frontend tools could be a tool (head) for:









Headless CMS and PIM?


If you have a professional PIM system, then this can be used as a Body, which means that you "only" have to decide on "choice of presentation tools".

But when should you choose Headless CMS?
We believe that you should when you have many "channels" (websites, shops, APPs) that all draw on the same content (product data) in PIM.






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