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Data Governance

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Data Governance and Processes

Data Governance and Processes

PicoPublish’s consultants are experts in processes and data governance, specialized in product data. Data governance covers the technology, processes, data and people which are involved in handling a company’s product data: Employees, markets, suppliers, etc.


PicoPublish provides PIM solutions to support your data governance strategy: The PIM systems inRiver and Perfion and our own PIM modules. We see technology as a tool, that ensures the success of every IT solution.


A PIM solution is centrally placed in the organization and is the focal point of any communication about the products and in any channel (web, printed material, E-commerce, email marketing, etc.). 

Our PIM solutions are 100% standard and has an open API and as a result, other data sources can automatically supply your PIM solution with data. PicoPublish are experts in integrations and making your IT systems work together as a unit.



Our goal is to automate as many processes and data exchanges as possible, so that you can invest your time in valuable activities. We help you take on the right data governance strategy to match your specific needs. Together we determine, who is responsible for the different aspects of the product data: Data quality, accessibility, consistency, level of completeness and ongoing adjustments.


We set up procedures for how data should be used internally in the company and how to present products in each channel. In your PIM solution it will be visualized, when a product is ready to be published in a channel. Ensuring all necessary images, descriptions, specifications, prices, etc. are present.

To a higher extend, a company is expected to automate data exchange with e.g. suppliers, in order for the suppliers to participate in enriching the products. 




With data...we mean ALL the product's assets: Technical specification, manuals, images, description, video, prices, translations, etc.


At PicoPublish each project is thoroughly analysed and we use the correct data sources for the given type of data. Your product data is organized centrally in your organizations PIM solution resulting in a single source of truth for your product data.


At PicoPublish we take our responsibility as consultants very serious and we always aim to advise you, and also occasionally challenge your way of thinking. We take great pride in supplying Danish and International companies with PIM solutions, and cooperating with them about achieving their strategic goals.  


Training is a standard part of our projects and each session is customized to your specific needs and the departments working with PIM (marketing, sales, etc.). We work closely together until we are certain that the PIM solution is fully embedded in your organisation.




We have delivered PIM solutions to a wide range of Danish and international companies in different industries. But common to all of them is that they have many products and product data and often in several different languages.

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